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Reports of goings-on on the gaming table at the club.

Conquistadors – Hammerhead 2017

The club’s annual trip to the Hammerhead show in Newark saw a participation game that was easily up to our traditional level of insanity. A band of daring conquistadors braved the dangers of the jungle, facing fierce natives, ferocious wild animals (and the occasional ferocious wild plant), harsh weather and more in their brave quest […]

Match Report – Graystone Centurions – First League Game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all assorted beings! Hello and Welcome to the premier Dreadball Tri-Vid Channel! I am here in the Galactica suite, guest of the Graystone Centurions to report on their first League Match! The excitement is palpable, and the stadium is packed in anticipation of the first game for this new team, what […]

Dreadball – Pre Season Report – Team Spotlight

Hello and good evening Dreadball fans! Jeff here from the foremost Dreadball tri-vid broadcast bringing your our new team segment where we follow a single team right through the latest PWG league! This year the DGB in cooperation with Graystone Industries have granted me permission to follow every game of one of the new teams […]


Last week three of us played a game of X-Wing at Peterborough Wargames Club. X-Wing is a space combat dog fighting game set in the Star Wars universe around the time of Luke, Han and Darth Vader but also expands into the Extended Universe (EU) so there’s a tonne of ships and characters to choose […]

Dystopian Wars

Last Monday I had the privilege of my first demonstration game of Dystopian Wars, laid out for me by the incomparable Adie! Dystopian Wars is a range that’s been sitting in the back of my mind as a ‘game I should really investigate’ for a while now, and so, when Adie volunteered to introduce the […]

Chain of Command

We have semi-regular games of Too Fat Lardies’ platoon-level WW2 game, “Chain of Command” at the club: on Monday we ran an introductory/refresher game for a few people, British vs Germans with a tank each. The end result was a somewhat bloody draw, with maybe a slight edge to the Germans, who still had one uncommitted […]


… And I’m not talking about the museum… Or Mike and Reuben for that matter… The PWC has recently had its first few Relics demonstration games, using the lovely rules set and miniatures from Tor Games. Relics is set in a gloriously macabre parallel universe, where the relentless armies of King Jorge, monarch of the […]

Imperator! – WAB Campaign Day – November 23rd 2014

A fun day at the club with 13 players, both local and from further afield, taking part in a Roman Civil War campaign. Our thanks to Grahame and Andy H for organisation, and to Pen and Sword Books and PE2Collectables for generous donation of prizes. The charity dice-off raised £51 (+ gift aid) for Battlegames’ […]

The Return Of The Dark Judges

A collection of images from Sunday 8th September’s Judge Dredd Tournament.

All day game 10 Mar 2013 – Battle of Asal Uttar

A battle from the Indo/Pakistan war of 1965, run using Cold War Commander with 6mm vehicles.