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Conquistadors – Hammerhead 2017

The club’s annual trip to the Hammerhead show in Newark saw a participation game that was easily up to our traditional level of insanity. A band of daring conquistadors braved the dangers of the jungle, facing fierce natives, ferocious wild animals (and the occasional ferocious wild plant), harsh weather and more in their brave quest […]

Necropolis 2 – Judge Dredd Miniatures Tournament/Campaign

Judge Death and the Dark Judges have returned to Mega City One; only Dredd and the forces of the Justice Department stand between them and the inhabitants of the city. Can the Dark Judges be defeated, or will they succeed in sentencing the citizens to Death? Choose a side and join in this one-day tournament/campaign, […]

Hammerhead 2011

Photos of our award-winning bout of lunacy from Hammerhead 2011, Napoleon’s aerial invasion of England, plus the (mis-spelled) certificate that we won for it.

Judge Dredd Miniatures

A few shots of the scenery and miniatures we’re using for our games of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, taken from games in progress.