Match Report – Graystone Centurions – First League Game.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all assorted beings! Hello and Welcome to the premier Dreadball Tri-Vid Channel! I am here in the Galactica suite, guest of the Graystone Centurions to report on their first League Match!

The excitement is palpable, and the stadium is packed in anticipation of the first game for this new team, what style of play they will use, even their new uniforms, if you can call them such, ss still a mystery to us! And while Ms Aprica and Dr Alter are here, they are too preoccupied to answer any of my questions, but I will try after the match to get an interview for you, the fans!

We are still waiting to see which team the Centurions are going to be pitted against, and remember fans, this is the first game of the league, so there will be no MVPs, just Team vs Team, and oh are we looking forward to it!

With that folks, we are nearly ready to find out who they will be playing before they take to the neodurium, but before that here are some messages from our sponsors!


Welcome back fans, we have just been informed the Centurions will be playing the Z’zor team, the Demon Roaches!, and have been designated the Away team, meaning first rush goes to Roaches!

The players are taking to the pitch, remember folks, DGB rules state that a robot team may only start a League with 6 players, so no subs will be on the bench,… wait.. the locker room doors are opening, the players are coming out… and they look Stunning folks! Chrome finish with red detailing, their sensors a bright yellow, they almost glow fans! They look fantastic! Menacing and sleek all at once!… I’ve just been handed a press release… apparently the new look was designed and applied by Austin Studios! Now THAT will be some good publicity for them!

They are lining up now folks, the Centurions taking a midfield spread while the Roaches take a 2 back, and 4 up covering formation, they have their rear strike zone well covered, and now we wait for the bell…


And there is it! The games begun and the ball has been launched!

The ball lands mid field and the Roaches are straight on the move, Lucanus, the Z’zor guard is straight off his mark and slams right into bot T-16, putting him down in sparks… he’s off the pitch! Teleported straight to the mechanics! It’s a Bad start folks!, Lucanus is still moving, he… she.. it.. whatever, is like a beast, slamming straight into K-19 sending him to the floor! One of the Roach Jacks moves up the field, one of their strikers moves for the ball… he has it… going for a strike… IT’S A MISS! It scatters deep into Bot territory! The crowds going wild!

Centurions on the move now, U-87 is transforming, taking Guard duty, F-31 moves to flank the Roach Striker and U-87 slams him! Pushing him back, G-79 for the bots now changes to Striker, moves for the ball… he has it, and he’s going defensive, moving against the wall for cover…. It’s all heating up now fans!

Roach Guard Lucanus charges U-92 now… and he’s down, he keeps going into U-87… he’s down too! This is terrible for the Centurions folks! Two players down in sparks! Corydalidae now advancing on G-70… trying to steal the ball… he’s failed! Bots retain possession!

U-92 and K-19 are back on their feet, G-70 with the ball, makes a massive dash down the neodurium, he’s in position, h’es going for a strike… and… ITS GOOD! IT’S A SCORE!!! TWO POINTS TO THE CENTURIONS! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD! The ball has exploded on impact! THAT’S testament to the strength of these Synthetic League Opponent Nodes!

First score of the game and the Graystone Centurions are in the lead!

Ball is re-launched; it’s a powerful one, its bounces of the wall and lands Bot side… Lucanus again is on the move, slamming into F-31, who sees it coming and slams back… but no! Bot down! Bot down! Teleported off! Dear oh dear people! It’s not good! Sybila now moves to threaten G-79, while Mantodea goes for the ball, he has it, he’s going for the rear bot zone… throwing… IT’S A MISS!! CROWD ERUPTS IN CHEERS!…. ball bounces… bounces… its landed at the Z’zor’s feet!

U-92 transforms to take Guard form… he’s going for Mantodea, pushes him back, K-19 is going for the ball, he has it, and transform to Striker form, and the crowd are loving it!

Sybila moves to threaten U-92… looks like a setup… yes! Lucanus slams him from behind, and U-92 is down! But Lucanus is still on the move, straight into K-19…. By the lords of Kobol its another Bot down! And he’s off the pitch! It’s not looking good folks, but the Centurions are still in the lead… K-19 dropped the ball as he was teleported off… Mantodea moves to grab it…. Has it… moves to the deep zone… throws…. STRIKE! 3 POINTS!… Bots down by 1! The Crowd is not happy!

New ball straight out… again middle of the pitch, U-87 tries to stand…. Doesn’t manage it, G-79 dodges past the Roach, goes for the ball…. Has it… moves to strike… U-87 now on his feet… and T-16 back on the pitch, G-79 throws to score… ITS IN! 2 POINTS! Bots ahead by 1! Fantastic game folks… fantastic, but its not over…

New ball is out… Lucanus slams U-87 from behind! Oh no! U-87 is out of there…. Straight to the mechanics! Lucanus carries its momentum into T-16, but T-16 moves to slam himself…. And its all goes wrong! T-16 sent to the garage! Bots are running at a huge disadvantage as the Graystone engineers try to patch up their team…. Lucanus still on the move, tries to take out G-79…. But no! ’79 stands his ground! Sybila moves to help their team-mate, while Mantodea goes for the ball..

F-31 is back in the game… he’s going for Mantadea… and he’s FALLEN!, Lost his footing! Crowd is jeering, seems they think there is foul play, but the refs not calling it… G-79 also back on the pitch, he’s really moving, right behind Manrodea… goes for the steal but doesn’t manage it… oh this is intense fans!…. G-79 is down!!! Crowd is rabid!!! Ref bot must be blind!!

Lucanus moves to threaten K-19… F-31 slams Mantodea, but is brushed off, Lucanus crashes into K-19, and he’s gone! Bad defensive call there for the Centurions! Lucanus carries on into F-31…. Also sent off to the spanner men! Its not good fans! Centurions down to 2 players! Mantadoa has the ball…. Goes for the big score… throws… and it’s good! 4 Points to the Roaches!

G-79 back on his feet now folks…. Going for the ball… has it… U-92 also back up, but all eyes are on G-79 who’s going for the strike….. AND IT’S GOOD! 2 POINTS THE CROWD ERUPTS!!!! IT’S DEAFENING HERE FANS!!!!!

Ball is out…Sybila moves down to shadow U-92… Mantodea seems to be having some kind of tantrum mid pitch… Lucanus goes for U-92 again… the bots down… Corydalidae has the ball… he’s going for a strike…. No… wait…. He’s not, he’s just hugging the wall… the crowds booing… jeering… Oh how very unsporting… it’s all over fans… there’s no way the Centurions can get the ball back, and score before time runs out… the crowd are livid!!!

U-92 tries to stand but can’t find his feet… G-79 transforms to… guard??? What on Kobol?! Oh He’s slammed Rakirua! Who hasn’t moved all game! He’s… he’s a smear on the pitch! End game play… bots cant win, so they are going for gory glory!… G-79 slams into Dilta and takes him down…


…and it’s all over!!!!

Bots lose by 1 point! And the crowd are not happy! Unsporting behaviour the by the insects it seems, but it was a close run game! The sponsors here seem happy with the performance, and it doesn’t seem any of the Centurions are beyond repair… both Ms Aprica and Dr Altar seem pleased…. For an unproven team they have done themselves very proud!

It may not the result many wanted, but it was very close, and the fans seem to be on the Centurions side! The Z’zor bench is being pelted with all sorts, and the Centurion flags are flying high! Its early days yet fans! But the Bots have no disappointed! Fantastic game all around!

I need to take a breath Dreadball Fans! Here are some messages from our sponsors, and I will see if I can get an interview with the important people!


And we are back… and that was such a close game,… first game for this new team and it was a loss by a single point, and the opinion is that is was due to unsporting gamesmanship by the Roaches… while the DGB have ruled it valid game tactics, the fans disagree! It seems like the Roaches might want to make a quick departure from the 12th Colony Stadium before the fans have their carapaces for ornaments!

Man of the Match has been granted to the Roaches, Sybilia of all beings, who knows why!

But there we go! No Bots scrapped, and plenty learned, I have managed to pull the impeccable Ms Aprica away from her promo duties for a quick interview… so Ms Aprica… what do you make of the Centurions first game?

Well Jeff, we are very happy with their performance, of course we are disappointed with the loss, but it was so close who can say?

What are your thoughts on the already reported, unsporting like behaviour of the Roaches team?

As we have all said Jeff, it is a game, and this is our first, we cannot expect to dominate all twelve arenas in one go, it takes time to perfect a dominant team, as for unsporting… well… that’s hardly for me to say.

Do you feel, if it wasn’t for the last minute, and some would say, cowardly defensive tactics of the Roaches, that you would have won that game?

Undoubtedly Jeff, the crowd speaks volumes, they want to see a game, not some insects hugging the ball and making no attempt to score. We can see why they did it, with the score so close, but how is that what the people want? The people want to see the game! Every opportunity should be made to entertain the crowds; they are the ones who have paid to see the spectacle after all!

Quite indeed! As we all have said I am sure. Are you happy with the performance of the Centurions? They seemed to be struggling at some points in the game.

Quite, struggle might be the right word, but the game was very close despite that… once we have worked those issues out, I am sure we will be a team to be reckoned with. So we have all said throughout the pre season.

So you see good things ahead for the Centurions?

Of course! We have no doubt we will dominate in all 12 areas in due course!

And with that fans, Ms Aprica has to go, she has important things to attend to, and this draws to a close our coverage of the Graystone Centurions first match. And we are looking forward to the next!

Finally, in other news across the sphere, other results for the first round of the PWG league…

Two 7 point landslides, as the Forge Fathers and the Memories (of the Nameless) beat the new Teratons and the Asgard Valkyries respectively, the Judicating Judwans took a win by 5 points against the new Corporation squad, while the Settler Spacehawks beat the Primo Victoria for the Teratons by a single point.

All in all folks, a really good start to the league!

Tue in for the next round, where once again I will be with the Graystone Centurions, but if we get any other news in the mean time, we will let you know!

This is Jeff… signing off!

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