Dreadball – Pre Season Report – Team Spotlight

Hello and good evening Dreadball fans! Jeff here from the foremost Dreadball tri-vid broadcast bringing your our new team segment where we follow a single team right through the latest PWG league!

This year the DGB in cooperation with Graystone Industries have granted me permission to follow every game of one of the new teams to this league, The Graystone Centurions!
We will be with them every game giving you the fans, a blow by blow account and post game analysis of this new team as it happens!

So far we know very little but we aim to lift the lid on this enigmatic and thus far unproven team over the net few months. All we know is Graystone Industries have promised something special with their new team, coming straight out of their Synthetic League Opponent Nodes division. I was lucky enough to get a short tour of the development labs over at Greystone and what an impressive place it is!

Following the same template already seen with the hugely popular Chromium Chargers, I’ve been assured by the PR Manager, Catherine Aprica (She’s the blonde in the red dress in all the promotional materials), that every single internal component and scrap of programming has been redeveloped to be quicker, faster and more intuitive.

I’ve not yet been able to get an interview with the elusive chief of programming, one Dr Benedict Altar but we will try and bring you that as soon as we can.

Last week I managed to watch some pre season practice games. And while the Centurions looked on good form they didn’t seem to cope with the speed and agility of the Judwan but I was assured that program updates should resolve this short fall

Following that they were tested in a four way Ultimate game against the same Judwan, a corporation team and a forge fathers team, where again the Judwan ran rings around everyone. Those Judwan may be one to watch, but not for us! We are firmly behind the newest bots out there, the Graystone Centurions!

Additionally, so far I have only seen the Centurions in what I was told were ‘testing colours’ and that an entirely new livery was in store for the first game of the league, but exactly what I was unable to pry from the team, so we are all looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us!

Tune in next week sports fans when I will be neodurium side at the Centurions first league match!

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