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Reports of goings-on on the gaming table at the club.

March 28 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Another great day of gaming. As per usual the games we played will be listed below. But before that I would like to say a massive WELL DONE to everyone who showed up and took part in the charity Dice Off. We raised over £100 to help the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Another Dice Off […]

March 7 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played:DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS: A fast play set of rules for wargaming, particularly ancient and medieval wargaming in the period 3000 BC to 1520 AD. ARKHAM HORROR: Four detectives once again venture in to the maddening world of Arkham Horror to find clues and defeat eldritch horrors. O GROUP (WW2 BATTALION LEVEL): Is a set […]

March 5, ’22 – Hammerhead

Back from Hammerhead after a very successful running of our 54mm Bolt Action game (not to mention members returning with various bags and boxes of swag from the traders, and a prize for the club of some desert roads from Last Valley). Figures are Airfix, scenery a mix of the legendary Airfix 1/32 Command Post, […]

Feb 28 ’22 – Monday Night Games

A busy day with 22 people attending. Playtesting our 54mm Bolt Action game for Hammerhead. Two games of 40K – one the latest with several dreadnoughts on each side, one the classic 2nd Ed. Two games of Lion Rampant in preparation for our Wars of the Roses campaign in (probably) May. Space Hulk, also showing […]

Feb 21 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: PIKEMANS LAMENT CAMPAIGN: An epic all out war between many players and their armies of tiny soldiers. An excellent show of just how grand this hobby can be! STREET FIGHTER (turn up and play) : The table top brawler with all of the characters and charm of the classic video games! EXPLOIT ZERO […]

Feb 6 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Despite attendance lowered by surprise birthday parties, COVID isolation (not, fortunately due to anyone at the club) and the common cold, we still managed to put on several fun games: Mike umpired a teaching game of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, Too Fat Lardies‘ WW2 company level rules – a small skirmish in which the […]

Jan 31 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: RUMBLESLAM – A practice match before the upcoming League! 1:1 For the Orks and the Humans. Do I smell a grudge match or is that the ogre? Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – Becoming somewhat of a club favourite in the last few weeks. The 41st millennium returns again in a bloody fashion! The […]

Jan 24 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: RUMBLESLAM – Rampant raging (W)restlers recklessly ravage round the ring in this fantastical wrestling game! Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – The 41st millennium returns this week as more units are thrown into the ever grinding machines of war! The Pikeman’s Lament – CAMPAIGN – Many battles were had today, many lives lost for […]

Jan 17 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: Mobile Frame Zero – A return to childhood dreams of robots and blowing up your friends creations! Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war! But don’t let that stop you from enjoying a classic! X-wing – Ever wanted to blow up the Millenium […]

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