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Charity dice-off

We are delighted to announce that the club’s charity dice-off in aid of the DEC’s Ukraine appeal raised… …£156.25

Hereward 2022 & 2023

From We regret to announce that Hereward Wargames Show will not be going ahead this year. While we are reasonably confident that the current state of the COVID pandemic would allow the show to go ahead as an in-person event, it would have required us to commit to a firm booking with our venue this month. As […]

AGM Update

Your new (well, old but revised) committee are: Chairman: Mike Whitaker Secretary: Colin Brett Treasurer: Pippa Peile Members Reps: Daniel Phillips, Ashley Phillips  Meetings continue at 7pm-10:30pm on Mondays at the George Alcock Centre.

Club reopened in new venue

Yesterday was our first night gaming since we shutdown due to covid and our first night in our new venue. Our venue, the George Allcock Centre, looks to be excellent. We had a good selection of games running- Absolute Emperor, Arkham Horror, Battletech, Rumbleslam and What a Tanker. These show the variety of what we […]

Partizan 2019 – Best Participation Game

Huge congratulations to Andy Mac’s team of members (AndyMac himself, Rob, AndyM and Rod, with assistance from Mike and Reuben) who made it up to Partizan with our “Men Who Would Be King” Sudan game, and came home with the Pete Gill Award for Best Participation Game!

Posh Lard 2019 Games

If you’re after a game at Posh Lard on Sunday 2nd June, these are your current choices: Bloody Omaha – 15mm IABSM3 as seen at Salute. Room for 2-4 players Ste Mère Église – 28mm Big CoC. Room for 2-4 players “You’d Have To Be A Lunatic” Menton 1940 – 20mm Big CoC. Room for […]

Posh Lard 2019

We’re holding another Too Fat Lardies event this year, on Sunday June 2nd. Tickets are £5 (available, along with more details, from the link above), for which you get a day of Lard action, with a number of games available for you to try out. This is your chance to try out the club’s Bloody […]

Upcoming shows

The club will be at two shows this month: Campaign: MK – one of our favourite shows, held in the shopping mall, open to the general public and free. Usually lots of great participation games and a few traders you don’t see anywhere else. We’re taking a Hundred Years War game based on a scenario […]

Hereward Wargames Show 2019

Advance tickets (£3, so you’ll save £2 on the door price) are now on sale. As usual we’ll have a great range of participation and demonstration games and traders. If you were a trader or put on a game at the show in the last couple of years, expect to hear from us in the […]

Posh Lard 2018

A gathering of the followers of Lard for a Sunday of gaming on June 24th 2018. Check here for more details.