Feb 6 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Despite attendance lowered by surprise birthday parties, COVID isolation (not, fortunately due to anyone at the club) and the common cold, we still managed to put on several fun games:

Mike umpired a teaching game of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, Too Fat Lardies‘ WW2 company level rules – a small skirmish in which the Americans attempt to retake the small hamlet of Les Arbres from some determined German Volksgrenadiers.

Martin ran another game from his 18th Century Imagi-nations campaign using the King Of The Battlefield rules – lots of colourful uniforms, lace and steel (which our chairman seems to have failed to photograph -thanks to Andrew for saving his blushes…).

TT Combat‘s Carnevale – fantasy Venice using their excellent MDF scenery, which has been assembled and painted by various club members on our Wednesday night hobby session (see forum for details).

A Song of Ice and Fire – CMON’s tabletop Game of Thrones game.

Dan Mersey’s Lion Rampant – a prep game for our upcoming Wars of the Roses campaign.

Spirit Island – just to prove we do play board games as well.

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