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March 28 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Another great day of gaming. As per usual the games we played will be listed below. But before that I would like to say a massive WELL DONE to everyone who showed up and took part in the charity Dice Off. We raised over £100 to help the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Another Dice Off […]

March 7 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played:DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS: A fast play set of rules for wargaming, particularly ancient and medieval wargaming in the period 3000 BC to 1520 AD. ARKHAM HORROR: Four detectives once again venture in to the maddening world of Arkham Horror to find clues and defeat eldritch horrors. O GROUP (WW2 BATTALION LEVEL): Is a set […]

Feb 21 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: PIKEMANS LAMENT CAMPAIGN: An epic all out war between many players and their armies of tiny soldiers. An excellent show of just how grand this hobby can be! STREET FIGHTER (turn up and play) : The table top brawler with all of the characters and charm of the classic video games! EXPLOIT ZERO […]

Jan 31 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: RUMBLESLAM – A practice match before the upcoming League! 1:1 For the Orks and the Humans. Do I smell a grudge match or is that the ogre? Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – Becoming somewhat of a club favourite in the last few weeks. The 41st millennium returns again in a bloody fashion! The […]

Jan 24 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: RUMBLESLAM – Rampant raging (W)restlers recklessly ravage round the ring in this fantastical wrestling game! Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – The 41st millennium returns this week as more units are thrown into the ever grinding machines of war! The Pikeman’s Lament – CAMPAIGN – Many battles were had today, many lives lost for […]

Jan 17 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Games played: Mobile Frame Zero – A return to childhood dreams of robots and blowing up your friends creations! Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition – In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war! But don’t let that stop you from enjoying a classic! X-wing – Ever wanted to blow up the Millenium […]