March 28 ’22 – Monday Night Games

Another great day of gaming. As per usual the games we played will be listed below. But before that I would like to say a massive WELL DONE to everyone who showed up and took part in the charity Dice Off. We raised over £100 to help the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Another Dice Off will be hosted soon so be sure to check the forums for information regarding that!

Games Played:

ARKHAM HORROR: Four detectives once again venture in to the maddening world of Arkham Horror to find clues and defeat eldritch horrors.

KILL TEAM 2: A smaller sized game for all you grim dark fans.

O-GROUP: Teeny tiny soldiers fight on a large scale. Two new players set out as the British to take heavily defended German positions!

LORD OF THE RINGS: In the snow covered fields the war of good versus evil continued!

STREET FIGHTER: Another free for all, another day of me getting beaten to a pulp on the table top!

LION RAMPANT: Footmen, archers and mounted units clash in this skirmish game.

If you fancy coming down and joining us for some games, email the committee to find out what games are on!

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