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IPMS Fenland and Spalding – Wings & Things 2021

Partizan 2019 – Best Participation Game

Huge congratulations to Andy Mac’s team of members (AndyMac himself, Rob, AndyM and Rod, with assistance from Mike and Reuben) who made it up to Partizan with our “Men Who Would Be King” Sudan game, and came home with the Pete Gill Award for Best Participation Game!

Conquistadors – Hammerhead 2017

The club’s annual trip to the Hammerhead show in Newark saw a participation game that was easily up to our traditional level of insanity. A band of daring conquistadors braved the dangers of the jungle, facing fierce natives, ferocious wild animals (and the occasional ferocious wild plant), harsh weather and more in their brave quest […]

Imperator! – WAB Campaign Day – November 23rd 2014

A fun day at the club with 13 players, both local and from further afield, taking part in a Roman Civil War campaign. Our thanks to Grahame and Andy H for organisation, and to Pen and Sword Books and PE2Collectables for generous donation of prizes. The charity dice-off raised £51 (+ gift aid) for Battlegames’ […]

Salute 2014

We took a game to Salute this year – specifically we took the “Dead’s Army” game Rob came up with for Halloween last year, featuring hordes of the Nazi undead against the loyal Home Guard of Walmington on Sea. Many thanks to Rob, AndyM, Carl, Chris and Grahame for helping out, both with the scenery […]

The Return Of The Dark Judges

A collection of images from Sunday 8th September’s Judge Dredd Tournament.

Necropolis 2 – Judge Dredd Miniatures Tournament/Campaign

Judge Death and the Dark Judges have returned to Mega City One; only Dredd and the forces of the Justice Department stand between them and the inhabitants of the city. Can the Dark Judges be defeated, or will they succeed in sentencing the citizens to Death? Choose a side and join in this one-day tournament/campaign, […]

All day game 10 Mar 2013 – Battle of Asal Uttar

A battle from the Indo/Pakistan war of 1965, run using Cold War Commander with 6mm vehicles.

Hammerhead 2013

Photos from our award winning Tunnels of Terror game from Hammerhead 2013. Also, the fake newspaper front page we used as a poster around Kelham Hall.

Hammerhead 2011

Photos of our award-winning bout of lunacy from Hammerhead 2011, Napoleon’s aerial invasion of England, plus the (mis-spelled) certificate that we won for it.