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SAGA Iron Man Day

Ok – it’s official. With huge thanks to Richard Keenan from Gripping Beast, we’ll be running a SAGA Iron Man day on Sunday July 16. Entry is £10 – more details on the event page here – scroll down to the bottom to pay for your entry

Nick Hawkins

It is with great sadness we have to record that Nick Hawkins, one of our club members, has passed away suddenly. Nick was an inventive creator of games, working at the time of his death both on the Props and Pilots WW2 air rules, and his delightful Twilight Practice variant on the Sharp Practice rules. […]

Peterborough Wargames Club and the GCN

At an Emergency General Meeting of the club held on 19 September 2016, it was resolved that the club would not renew its membership of the Gaming Club Network.

Hereward Wargames Show 2016 trade and game signups

Just a heads up that trade and game bookings are now up for this year’s Hereward Wargames show. The signup form and email are on the site att

AGM Notes 2016

Please congratulate (or commiserate with) Ash, who joins Mike, Carl and Reuben on the committee, replacing Dale. Our thanks to Dale for his help over the past year. We raised £70 for the Battlegames Combat Stresss appeal in a dice off for a copy of Warlord’s Beyond the Games of Antares starter set.

Obituary: Steve Frisby

Steve Frisby was a founding member of our club back in the the late eighties. He was a stalwart of our early attempts at running participation games at shows and frequently represented the club in BHGS competitions, where he won many trophies at DBR and Warhammer, including umpiring Warhammer events at Britcon. He won several […]

Chain of Command

We have semi-regular games of Too Fat Lardies’ platoon-level WW2 game, “Chain of Command” at the club: on Monday we ran an introductory/refresher game for a few people, British vs Germans with a tank each. The end result was a somewhat bloody draw, with maybe a slight edge to the Germans, who still had one uncommitted […]

AGM notes

Please congratulate DaleR, who joins Mike, Carl and Reuben on the club committee. Our thanks to AndyH, who has stood down due to Real Life after a year of sterling service. The club is planning to organise several tournaments this year – SAGA, War and Conquest, Dreadball, WAB and Bolt Action. Watch this space for […]

Top 20 games of 2014

This is taken from the list of scheduled games posted to our forum before each Monday for the past year – obviously it doesn’t include games arranged on the day… and it is skewed by the club campaigns… but here we go…. 20th=: Wings Of War, Bushido, Flames Of War ‘Nam, Future War Commander, Kings […]

Imperator! – WAB Campaign Day – November 23rd 2014

A fun day at the club with 13 players, both local and from further afield, taking part in a Roman Civil War campaign. Our thanks to Grahame and Andy H for organisation, and to Pen and Sword Books and PE2Collectables for generous donation of prizes. The charity dice-off raised £51 (+ gift aid) for Battlegames’ […]