Top 20 games of 2014

This is taken from the list of scheduled games posted to our forum before each Monday for the past year – obviously it doesn’t include games arranged on the day… and it is skewed by the club campaigns… but here we go….

20th=: Wings Of War, Bushido, Flames Of War ‘Nam, Future War Commander, Kings Of War: 3
14th=: Death In The Dark Continent, XWing, Black Powder, Dead’s Army, Battlegroup Whatever, Deadzone: 4
12th=: Dux Britanniarum, War And Conquest: 5
10th=: Chain Of Command, Battlefleet Gothic: 6
9th: OldHammer: 8
8th: Judge Dredd: 9
7th: Warhammer 40k: 10
6th: Dystopian Wars: 11
5th: Bolt Action: 21
3rd=: Dreadball, Warhammer Fantasy: 25
2nd: Warmachine/Hordes: 26
1st: Warhammer Ancient Battles: 27

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