The Phoney War – Tournament Pack

Peterborough Wargames Club Bolt Action Tournament

Sunday December 11th, 2016.

Tickets, Match-Ups and Tournament Scoring

Tickets are £10, available from the club webstore. There will be a total of 20 places available, 10 each for Allied and Axis players.


This event is intended to allow players to field the weird and wonderful equipment and units of the Early War period not usually seen at a Bolt Action event. Hence, the timeframe for this event is 1937 – 1942 to allow for the war in China as well.

We reserve the right to ask you to change your list or remove units we feel are not appropriate. Themed lists based on selectors are the way to go with this event and there will be a prize for the best themed army. It is emphatically NOT a ‘Win at all costsor bring the cheesiest list you can muster’ event.

We will consider US lists on a case by case basis IF they are appropriately themed for the Phillipines or Operation TORCH.


Each game will be arranged so that Axis forces face off against Allies. There will be no blue-on-blue battles. Armies of France, Italy, Finland or other forces that fought on both sides in the conflict may register as Axis or Allies. If we have an imbalance in the number of armies registering for each side we may ask for volunteers from these forces to switch sides for the duration.

Each game will be fought using a specific scenario (TBD) and will last for 2 hours or until the scenario is complete.

Warnings will be given when there are 30 minutes and 10 minutes remaining. After the 10 minute warning players should complete their current turn and then stop playing, regardless of the number of turns remaining. The winner of each game will be awarded 3 tournament points (TPs), the loser will receive 0. In the event of a draw, both players will receive 1TP.

Each player should also keep track of the total requisition points value of all their units that survive each game. Axis and Allied players will be ranked separately according to the number of TPs scored, with the surviving units total being used as a tie-breaker.

In the first game players will be paired randomly, although we will try to ensure that players who have travelled together for the event are kept separate.

For the second and third games, players will be paired according to their tournament ranking with the highest placed Axis player being paired against the highest places Allied player and so on. Table allocation will be random, though we will try to ensure that nobody plays more than one game on the same table.

Army Selection

  1. Armies should be selected to a limit of 1000 points and may be selected from the generic reinforced platoon selector or any of the theatre selectors from the relevant army lists that fall within the specified timeframe for the event.
  2. There will be no limit on the number of units and/or platoons included in armies at the event.
  3. If a force contains more than platoon, they must be chosen from the same army list and selector.
  4. The warplane rules will not be used. Forces may include forward air observers as normal.
  5. Named characters and war reporters may not be taken.
  6. No armoured trains or boats of any kind.
  7. Players may use any units form the Additional Units pdf (available from the Warlord Games website) provided they fit the intended timescale.
  8. Armies may be chosen from any of these lists using units that fit the timescale or from appropriate selectors:
    • Armies of Germany
    • Armies of the United States
    • Armies of Great Britain
    • Armies of the Soviet Union
    • Armies of Imperial Japan
    • Armies of France and the Allies
    • Armies of Italy and the Axis
    • Emprie in Flames (All Chinese lists and the Japanese ‘Kwantung’ Selectors)
    • Ostfront
    • Germany Strikes (particularly appropriate!!)
    • Tank War

All force lists must be submitted to the organisers before the event for checking, no later than November 22nd, 2016. Any lists submitted after this date will incur a penalty of 3 tournament points.

When submitting your list, please indicate which selector(s) you are using and where to find the rules for any units you are using that are not in the main list (additional units, theatre books etc).

Tournament Schedule

08:00-09:00 – Registration and Briefing
09:30-11:30 – Game 1
11:30-12:30 – Lunch
12:30-14:30 – Game 2
14:30-16:30 – Game 3
1645 – Prize Giving.


The exact number of prizes to be awarded will depend on the number of players attending and is still being decided but will include prizes for the highest placed Axis and Allied players. There will be a prize for the best painted and Best Themed armies.

House Rules

  1. Flamethrowers (Vehicle and Foot) roll to hit first, then multiply hits. They are not affected by cover modifiers. Vehicle FT range is limited to 12”. Any vehicle-mounted flamethrower listed as a “small vehicle flamethrower” will be treated as having a range of 9” instead of 12″
  2. Fixed Weapons Teams (excluding Howitzers, mortars and multi launchers) may be given an Aadvance order to pivot upto 90 degrees with a -1 modifier to hit.
  3. Hitler’s Buzzsaw applies to vehicles.
  4. Escape moves require an order test even if not pinned. Ambushes can be used against this Escape move. This covers Motorcycles, Cavalry and Recce Vehicles.
  5. LMG fire 1 extra shot (up to 4) MMG fire 1 extra shot (up to 5). Hitler’s Buzzsaw applies to this as well so Germans get the bonus for this too!
  6. Recce vehicles require an order test to Escape move. Ambushes can be used against this Escape move.
  7. Woods block line of sight. Units in woods can be seen and shoot out and be shot at with the appropriate cover modifier. Hills block line of sight unless over the crest of the hill.

Player Requirements

Each player should ensure that they bring the following to the event:

  • 2 copies of their force lists, one for themselves and one for their opponent.
  • A copy of the Bolt Action rulebook and their relevant “Armies of” list (electronic copies are perfectly acceptable).
  • Dice
  • Sufficient order dice for their army, new or old style are acceptable
  • Tape measure
  • Glue for emergency repairs

House Rules and Errata

All the official Errata and FAQ from the Warlord Games website will be in effect.