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After a discussion among the committee, a review of the current state of things, and following the example set by many other clubs, we are sorry to announce that the club will not continue with meetings on Mondays at present.

Obviously we will review these decisions on a regular basis, and communicate the status of our discussions as things develop. We are hopeful that things will resume before we get too far into the summer, and as things stand we see no reason that Hereward Wargames Show will not go ahead.

The club normally meets at 7:30 every Monday evening at the St John Ambulance hall on Cowgate. We play a variety of wargames using a number of different rule sets including Warhammer Fantasy, 40K,  Bolt Action, Dux Britanniarum, SAGA, WAB, Warmachine, X-Wing and others from all genres and periods: click here for a full list.

Club equipment, gaming boards and scenery are available to all members, and we are always open to new members and/or new games. We aim for a relaxed evening with the emphasis on fun and sportsmanship rather than a ‘win at all costs’ tournament style of play. If you’re interested in finding out more about the club, please contact us for more information.

We run participation games at each of our regular Monday-night meetings. These games are open to anybody and everybody, we don’t assume any prior knowledge of the rules in question and all miniatures and other supplies will be provided. It’s a great way for gamers to try something new, or to share their favourite game with some new players. For the latest information about whats on please see our club forum.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Peterborough Heritage Festival

    Peterborough Cathedral Square/precincts

    The club will be at the Peterborough Heritage Festival over the weekend of the 21/22 June. with a couple of locally-themed games. Look out for the blue club shirts!

    Due to a communications failure, we won't be putting anything on at the Heritage Festival this weekend. Apologies if you were coming along to catch one of our games, but the rest of the Festival still promises to be worth a visit!