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Started by Reuben Turner, January 08, 2013, 07:32:16 pm

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Reuben Turner

Firstly I would like to thank all of you that made the effort to come down to the AGM for your input and for sticking with it. I appreciate that going through the proposed rules was quite heavy going but we got there and it quite good time all things considered!

So, here is a brief summary of the key points from the AGM

1. Reuben, Carl and Rob remain on the committee and are joined by Mike in a "without portfolio" role.

2. It was agreed that following some ammendment to the propsed set, a formal set of rules would be introduced and that the club would move toward membership of the Gaming Club Network (GCN). Following much discussion it was agreed that membership would be defined thus:

"Membership of the club is gained by attending 8 or more of the meetings in a running year and maintained by attending 1 meeting in each subsequent running year or at the discretion of the committee".

An EGM will be held once the ammends have been made, hopefully no latter than the end of March.

3. The weekly subs will remain at £3 per week and there will be no monthly or annual fee.

4. The initial campaigns will be Judge Dredd (run by Rob - 1st week of the month) and Warhammer 40K (run by Dan - 2nd week of the month). These will start in March. Other campaigns such as IABSM and Dux B will start later in the year.

5. We are going for Hammerhead glory (again) on February 10th and may also be attending Salute with the award winning Napoleonic Balloon game. Salute is to be confirmed but we hope to know soon!

6. The all day game dates are Sundays March 10, June 9, Spetember 8 and December 8. The December date will feature the end of campaign WH40K game. All other dates are open to offers so get your thinking caps on as to what you'd like to play.

7. The club will be investing in a decent quantity of new roads, rivers and other scenic items to replace the mixed collection we currently have and may sell of the old stock. We have permission from SJA to install a third cupboard in the training room and we are in the process of purchasing this. The board stock will be refreshed during the Spring/Summer if the weather is ok.

Ryan Scales

Apologies I missed this as my wife gave birth to a little baby girl on Saturday so things have been rather hectic!  I am still interested in running that Bolt Action campaign later in the year.

Daniel Phillips

Congratulations! Hope all is well.

As excuses for missing the AGM go that's not a bad one  ;D
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Rob Farley

Definitely an acceptable excuse. Congratulations to you both.

And don't worry, there's plenty of space on the timetable for the Bolt Action campaign once things have settled down a bit for you.
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Ryan Scales

Yeh everything is fine - we are all adjusting - we called her Erin Mary Ann and she weighed in at a respectable 7lb 15oz.

Chris Davies

Well done both! Having just bought more Russians I look forward to the campaign when you are ready. Incidentally, a fellow member weighed in at over 10lbs some years ago. I understand he's now intending to play Bolt Action Brits - what a bulldog!


Just to say that I have been doing some digging around regarding safeguarding policies after our discussion about the child protection policy aspect of our rules. However, the ones I have found are (obviously, given my job) school-based and are, as such, not necessarily very helpful, as they contain much that is so specific to a school-based environment.

We probably need to look for model policies that relate more to other types of club (e.g.youth clubs?) Either that or we just use the policy provided by GCN, given that we clearly state in our rules that any minors attending the club are the responsibility of the member bringing them at all times, so issues are less likely to arise. Anyway, I'll keep digging around and see what I can find...
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