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June 26, 2022, 08:43:50 pm


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WotR Campaign - Round Three 18/07/2022

Started by Carl Fisher, June 21, 2022, 03:26:34 pm

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Carl Fisher

Round three will be played on 18/07/2022.

Following the capture of King Henry VI at Northampton he has now been taken back to London and joined by Richard of York who has called a council. Richard would like to make himself King, but the council have managed to prevent him from becoming Protector. He is not happy!

Because the people of London are unhappy with the whole situation only limited escorts have been allowed inside the City, so Richard is unable to force matters further.

As a result Round 3 will start with both factions trying to improve their Political position, and gather resources and allies, in their various regions.

Round 3 will result in various themed smaller one vs one scenarios.
Games Played (Armies): WAB + WaC (IER Roman, Early Saxons and variants, Normans), WFB (Empire), 40K (Spacemarines), Uncharted Seas (Empire, Shroud Mages), WAB English Civil War (English!), Operation Squad (British) SAGA (Normans, Jomsvikings), Mordheim, Wings of War/Glory WWI, Dreadball, Chain of Command (British), Frostgrave, Sails of Glory and many others!!