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May 19, 2022, 07:03:49 pm


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A Billion Suns

Started by James Batchelor, March 07, 2021, 11:14:13 am

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Rob Farley

I prefer black, the clear bases can be a bit too shiny sometimes. But if you're playing on one of the highly detailed mats you can get these days (full of nebulas, planets etc) then the clear bases would probably be better as they'll show the detail. On the club's boards though, I'd stick with black.
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Current Projects: Various halflings, Rumbleslam wrestlers, Superheroes, Sludge Samurai

James Batchelor

I've gone black with mine. Don't have to bother when undercoating then! Spray all, paint all!

Andy Miller

If in doubt, consult pop culture -
Rolling Stones say "Paint it black"
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James Batchelor

So the shipyard got a little larger!

Andrew Riley

So enjoying the innovation that is erupting from this trail. Great fighters from Wicked and top tips from the fantasists! And our honorable member from Huntingdon rose to the occasion with a fitting epigram.
Well done all !

Pippa Peile

Got a copy of "Billion Suns" for Christmas. Has anyone played a game yet? Does anyone want to?

Chris Davies

Had a couple of games with Grahame.Didn't use the contract system though. Planning on downloading the Warzone PDF! 


The combat system is worth a go at for fleet actions. Chris and I ended up not using the jumping from table to table stuff/campaign system etc.