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WotR Campaign House Rules

Started by Carl Fisher, March 27, 2022, 11:56:18 am

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Carl Fisher

Here is the latest version of the House Rules file, including revisions to date.

Please use this thread for queries etc. 

This document will be kept upto date.

27/03/2022 v 1.1
Games Played (Armies): WAB + WaC (IER Roman, Early Saxons and variants, Normans), WFB (Empire), 40K (Spacemarines), Uncharted Seas (Empire, Shroud Mages), WAB English Civil War (English!), Operation Squad (British) SAGA (Normans, Jomsvikings), Mordheim, Wings of War/Glory WWI, Dreadball, Chain of Command (British), Frostgrave, Sails of Glory and many others!!