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May 22, 2022, 08:38:51 pm


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Colin's Campaigns 2022 - Rogue Trader

Started by colinabrett, December 02, 2021, 10:02:53 pm

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The second of my wargames campaign ideas, using the rules Dan and I have cooked up, with suggestions from Andy Miller and Grahame.

Bolt Action/Rogue Trader (BART)

This is to be a co-op campaign. The rules are a heretical mash-up of Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader, 40K Second Edition and Bolt Action.

Abaddon's Black Crusade has torn the Galaxy in two with the Cicatrix Maledictum (The Great Rift), leaving vast swathes of the Imperium cut off from the psychic light of the Astromomican. Rogue Trader Carolus Impuratus (aka Charles the Blackguard) was caught on the edge of the Rift and flung light years off course into an unexplored region of space.

Impuratus lost three ships in his fleet during this disaster and is left with but one: his frigate Audacio Incepto (Bold Enterprise). A second ship, the Adeptus Astartes Battle Barge Ferrum Cordis (Iron Heart), also survived the warp storm, due to her superior Geller Field, Astropaths and Navigators.

Thus, Impuratus is not alone and has at his disposal a battle company of Space Marines, a regiment of Imperial Guard (including a platoon of Squats), an Adeptus Mechanicus contingent, and other support elements which may be brought on line as repairs are made and the campaign progresses. The Rogue Trader also has three Astropaths, two sanctioned psykers and two Navigators.

The players take the roles of high-ranking bridge crew, adapted from the Fantasy Flight Games Rogue Trader RPG:

The Rogue Trader
The Arch Militant
Astropath Transcendent
Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator
Imperial Missionary
Space Marine Captain
The Imperial Guard General

Other personalities may be introduced, such as Inquisitors, Battle Sisters and Assassins.

The sector into which the ship has been deposited is unknown and assumed to be hostile.

The primary campaign goal is to survive until contact with the Imperium can be re-established.

The secondary goal is to bring any new planets under Imperial rule, spread the Word of the God Emperor of Mankind and, of course, generate revenue and profit.

There will be an element of resource management. Casualties will not be replaced between games. Some troops will be out of action for one scenario, some for longer and some will be dead. Therefore, some squads may have to be fielded under-strength. Replacements for Human troops may become available (depending on scenario outcomes) but other troop types are a finite resource. Carolus Impuratus lacks the facilities to recruit, create and surgically alter Battle Sisters, Mechanicus and Assassins. The Astartes ship Iron Heart has the equipment and know-how to create new Marines but this is currently out-of-commission: even if it was working, the Marines have no suitable recruits at the start of the campaign.

The idea is that the GM will present a scenario. The players will then decide what resources to allocate to that mission. This means that some players - if not allocated to the Rogue Trader's force - may end up playing as the opposition for that particular mission. Some scenarios may occur in parallel, which means a unique resource (e.g. a Marine Dreadnought) cannot be used in two missions occurring at the same time. This will be the commander's decision.

Many missions will be planet-based but there is enough scope to experiment with gaming in hostile environments (like death worlds), the bowels of a space ship (a la Space Hulk/Space Crusade), the vacuum of space (so anyone not in Powered Armour is in trouble), and even space ship combat.

Given that there are two voidships available to the players, there will be some experimentation with space ship combat rules (like Battlefleet Gothic, Billion Suns, the starship combat rules from the Rogue Trader RPG or some mash up of rules downloaded from the Internet (of which I have several already but wouldn't mind recommendations)). Did I mention that Imperial voidships can be bat-shit crazy and have histories that make them characters all of their own?

So, an ego-maniac with a Warrant of Trade has a couple of insane space ships, a small army and no way home. All he can do is dig in and found his own empire (Imperium Bastardis) and wait to make contact with the Astronomican.

I hope this is of interest. Please reply in this thread if you'd like to join in.


Daniel Phillips

Warning: This post may contain sarcasm.<br />Current games & armies played- 40K 2nd Edition: Eldar, Chaos, Orks, Imperial Guard, Space Marines. Gaslands: Idris. Full Thrust: NAC & NSL. Bolt Action: Late war German. Judge Dredd: Justice Dept & Renegade Robots. Kings of War: Dwarfs & Kingdoms of men. Mordheim: Skaven & Marianburg. Uncharted Seas: Iron Dwarfs. Necromunda: Orlock, Redemptionists & Van Saar. Direwolf Rampant : House Mallister.