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Another attempt at a campaign while the club cannot meet face to face

Started by Martin S-C, September 15, 2020, 12:40:09 pm

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Martin S-C

Hey all

I mentioned this idea to Andrew Riley and Mike Whittaker recently over e-mails. I was going to talk about it on our Monday Zoom chat but I got involved in something else and missed the Zoom meeting.

I would be up for organizing a campaign where the battles could be resolved by small face to face private meetings in people's homes. I understand Mike has generously said that his place could be a venue but other homes are equally valid as long as we take the required precautions.

As to campaign mechanics I'm fairly open - generating some stimulating activity is the primary aim. We could use the Tinker Fox/Perfect Captain map system and rules or some other system but for me I much prefer an actual map based set up rather than something more abstract.

I am also open to period as well although my involvement would mean it would need to be historical and I generally prefer the post-gunpowder periods as opposed to ancients or medieval.

Open to suggestions.

Ne Plus Ultra - My 18thC Imagi-Nations Campaign, 1/72nd Plastics, Old School Rules

Interests: ECW, WSS, WAS, SYW, 18th C imagi-nations, Victorian Wars, Post-WWI what ifs, WWII (Command Decision)... most other periods involving gunpowder!