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November 28, 2021, 05:22:33 am


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The Combat of the Thirty: The most chivalrous battle in history

Started by Daniel Phillips, October 26, 2020, 03:17:16 pm

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Daniel Phillips

I just read something that could make a good show game for when things are running again.

The Combat of the Thirty, 26 March 1351

The most chivalrous battle in history.

Fought between the rival houses of Blois (Breton/French) and Montfort (English), to decide the rulership of the Duchy of Brittany, it was a prearragned battle with 30 Knights, men-at-arms and squires on each side.

Despite being a serious and hard fought battle it was arranged like a tournament with plenty of spectators. After several hours the two sides agreed to have a break for refreshments and to bandage their wounds.

Casualties were heavy on both sides with everyone being wounded to some degree and at least 11 killed (9 English at least 2 Breton), the English finally surrendered when a French Squire rode through their line bracking it, this was long after their leader had been killed. The survivers were released after a small ransom was paid.

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Mike Whitaker

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Andrew Riley

Hmm...28mm ?
Teams of 5 players each side, each controlling 6 knights, squires, M@A.
Virtual Zoom call in secret for each side to decide tactics before.
Umpire/controller lines up the two side according the written order submitted.
Each combat decided combination of a characters attack/defence + D6 (simple skirmish rules) some kind of mechanism for option to submit/surrender.
Base on a grid / chess board type table 30 x 30 squares.
All the actual names are in Wiki and a handy painting of the heraldry.
Great idea Dan.

Tom G

I'm so bored of no gaming I'd be prepared to do this for real in a pub car park.

Martin S-C

Pole arms would keep us 2m apart with a mask under your bascinet so it could work.

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