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Started by Rob Farley, May 31, 2020, 11:08:34 pm

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Rob Farley

Has anyone else had a look at Oathmark, the new game from Osprey? I've picked up a copy and it looks interesting. I'm not sure what to make of the combat rules, they look interesting but I think I need to play a couple of games to see how they work out.

But the army selection rules are inspired. You have to build your kingdom before you can choose your army, the territories you choose for your kingdom dictate which units you have available. And because you can include territories for any of the available armies, you can mix and match your army. If you want to add elf archers and a goblin spellcaster to your dwarf army you can, but it'll cut down the other choices available to you.

My only real criticism is that it's very closely tied to the 'official' miniature range, so you're limited to just humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and goblins, plus an assortment of monsters. More variety would have been better.
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Been looking too,a few you tube videos out there


I have a copy and looking forward to giving it a go sometime. Suitable for one off games but interesting campaign system and I do like the 'pick and mix ' approach to making an army. There are plans for expanding the army types to include others e.g. undead. Unit sizes are limited and the magic is fairly restrained (a good thing).

Chris Davies

Having watched the videos and read some reviews, I agree, and have ordered a copy.. along with a box of goblins. Go greens!

Chris Davies

Had a game on Thursday with Grahame (in my bubble), my goblins V humans. Predictably goblins lost, but painting more of the green horde-their only advantage is in numbers!'Thousands of them!'


Had a good game with Chris. One or two aspects took some time to get our heads round but once we had those sorted out I was impressed with the rules. We didn't use any of the magic this time. A good set of fantasy big battle rules and a real alternative to KOW. Recommended.

Andrew Riley

Chris - I think you have been eating too many Greens ! How about trying some mushrooms.
But - you've inspired this emplaced 'ancient historical' to take a look.

Chris Davies

Prunes are good for a regular army" - old Round the Horne memory.

Andrew Riley

Have just received a copy of the rules today and started reading. Trying to work out combat resolution, think I will need to watch one of the videos. Which army .... I feel Elven but have owned and never used a slumbering giant. Not got to the campaign part yet.


Another game of oathmark for Chris & I. This time we played the oathmark scenario - this involves the capture of objectives - in this case three standing stones. I used more magic this times including the spells 'mud' & 'smoke' which worked but couldn't get my 'fireball' to ignite at all. Putting a smokescreen down in front of Chris' catapult seemed to be a good plan! I also fielded a giant and some wolves as extra troops as we were now using 1700 points. Chris managed to dispatch both my magic users but I got down the flanks and managed to get to two of the stones. Very much liking these rules.

Carl Fisher

Quote from: Grahame on August 14, 2020, 04:15:06 pmI used more magic this times including the spells 'mud' & 'smoke' which worked but couldn't get my 'fireball' to ignite at all.
Obviously Mud and Fire don't go well together. But smoke is good compromise!
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Mike Whitaker

Quote from: Carl Fisher on August 14, 2020, 06:16:35 pmObviously Mud and Fire don't go well together. But smoke is good compromise!

You of all people should know. :)
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