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Title: Aldi boxes/wings of war carriers
Post by: Myk on January 14, 2022, 05:02:57 pm
Found in Aldi some vanity cases in their specials...I got one for a dice/rulers/cards/bits box (no, honest!) but...

They also happen to take Wings of War/Glory aircraft (out of boxes) quite nicely!

There are 6 square compartments at the top (3 each side as it hinges open. Each single compartment takes up to RE8 or DH4 size wingspan.) and there are 2 longer trays below this (again 1 each side) which will take plenty more. A smidge of foam or bubble-wrap and Tally-Ho what!  :wink:

Underneath these two fold-out racks is the main compartment which will take (just) the abbreviated rulebook from the "Wings of Glory World War 1: Rules And Accessories Pack", and the 'cockpits' as well (from same set). Plenty of space for other stuff in there. Unable to check if it will take the early "square" cockpit boards, but the range rulers fit in one direction though not the other (box is a little narrower that way).

Just thought it may be useful 'to-some-for-some'....

Take a look, £15 each. Some a bit none-hero-looking, but hey, that's what spray paints for!


Myk.  :grin: