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English Civil War Campaign

Started by Kit, January 26, 2011, 10:53:25 am

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Hi Chaps and Chapesses, (that's boys and girls to the uneducated),

I have an English Civil War Campaign about to start and am looking for Generals who wish to fight for King or Parliament.

It is loosely based around an old board game I have and it is my intention to run a turn (a game month) every two weeks. This way a game year will be six months and the whole campaign will be a little less than eighteen months.

You will receive maps and a game pack detailing how to play.

To join you need to email me: him@takenimages.co.uk

and start the email title: ECWC

I will then send you a form to complete that will then be sent to either The King or Parliament. Once the closing date has passed they will advise me who has been given which role, and the game begins.

As this is an international campaign, which means that I have players scattered all over the world, the games may or may not be held at the club. This means that there will not be a regular demand for club resources and only occasionally a private game may be run.

This means that this campaign will not impact on any of the other campaigns run by club members.

Have fun,


Chris Gooch

Hi Kit,

This sounds interesting,  do we need to have figures?
If I reply to the email to get more info am I committed to play?


No you don't need figures at all. This is based on an old board game so is more strategic in nature. People forget that the English Civil War was about controlling territory and that battles were almost an accident.

As for being committed to play, there is no commitment until you actually say you want to take part and submit a request for a particular historical general in the campaign.

There is an information sheet and a request form that is emailed out to you. You need to return the form to be in the campaign. Up until that point there is no commitment from you at all.

Does this long winded answer help?

Chris Gooch

Yes. thanks Kit.  most informative, chuckle.