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SAGA via the web

Started by Andrew Beer, May 22, 2020, 08:42:34 pm

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Andrew Beer

Gaming now played via the internet  :cheesy: who says us old gamers can't be with it lol
Myself & Grahame have now played our second game of SAGA using facebook messenger.
We've decided to play our SAGA tournament between us as we can't now go.
Grahame is using his trusty Normans - charging Hearthguard knights and L+L bow shooting from rocky ground. I've trying out the Scots- good defensive board.
Yesterday was round 1 of our tournament, game was claiming territory I scored 24 conquest points - Grahame scored 13 - so 5 points for me :-) Ahhh not so fast - Grahame killed my warlord and his survived +2 bonus points for him, so 3 points scored.
Our second game will be Ambush, we will roll for the third game on the day.