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March 31, 2020, 12:03:12 am


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Ne Plus Ultra - imagi-nations camapign in the early 18th century

Started by Martin S-C, March 05, 2020, 10:53:24 pm

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Martin S-C

If anyone uses Facebook and is interested I am running an online campaign inspired by Charles Grant's rules and methods. The map is an extensive edit by me of a Henry Hyde original which he has given me permission to use. Several states have been taken but there are a few left; two large ones and about 5 small ones. I plan to play the resulting battles solo or maybe at my place with friends but essentially this is a PBEM campaign where your imagination and enormous hats are the only limits.

Currently I am hard at work painting armies for the first battle that has resulted so the marching and killing is on hold for now but the diplomacy, trading and other skulduggery can carry on.

Its a private group so you'll need to request to join and if you do, please mention Peterborough Wargames Society in the application questions. Ta.