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COVID-19 and social distancing

Started by Mike Whitaker, March 17, 2020, 10:42:29 am

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Mike Whitaker

We (the committee and those members present) held a discussion at the 8pm meeting on Monday 16th March re the current situation. Our position at present is as follows:

* As it stands, we have arranged games for March 23. HOWEVER:
   * Do not assume that the above state of affairs will continue to hold.
   * This is subject to review by the committee on a daily basis in line with the latest advice from the government and other qualified health bodies, and also taking into account the possibility that St. Johns may ask us not to use the facility.
* In the event Mondays do go ahead, you must inform us via FB or the forums if you plan to attend, or if you subsequently change your mind. While the club is willing to run at a small weekly loss, there is obviously a limit, and we need to plan ahead.
    * if we are open, the treasurer will be coming round to ensure that everyone attending has paid.
* All regular club campaigns are suspended until further notice.
* Please check for updates on the forums regularly. If you are not a member of the forums, please sign up and drop us an email (or me a PM on FB) telling us you have done so. While we make best efforts to keep FB and the forum in sync, the forum is, and always will be, the master source of information.
* If you are self-isolating for any reason:
    * obviously, do not attend the club
    * please inform the committee (committee@peterborough-wargames-club.org.uk), just so we know you're ok
* I am looking into ways of hosting/playing online games (using Tabletop Simulator etc), and providing a forum for people to get in touch to do so.
* The club will still be here when all this is over.

The current government advice can be found here.
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