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July 19, 2019, 03:18:10 pm


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Lake Tanganyika (3 games in one)

Started by Daniel Phillips, April 16, 2019, 04:59:03 pm

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Daniel Phillips

April 16, 2019, 04:59:03 pm Last Edit: April 17, 2019, 04:44:23 pm by Mike Whitaker
Table requirements (6' x 2'5'): 8?

   18' roll of lino.
   Rules, dice, measuring tapes & sticks.

Mimi & Toutau V the Kingani-
   The ships: Mimi, Toutau and Kingani.
   Assorted crew figures.
   Turn/fire arc templates.
   Plenty of orders/damage sheets.

The African Queen-
   Hex Tiles showing the river.
   The African Queen.
   Humphrey Bogart & Katharine Hepburn figures.
   Natives, crocodiles, snakes, mines.
   Jungle terrain (the stuff made from the green mats).
   1 building (shows end point).

Lake Tanganyika Telephone Raid-
   Terrain pieces to show the land at the edge of the lake.
   British squad: 10 men with rifles and 1 Lewis gun.
   German Askaris: approx 14 men with rifles.
   German lookouts: 2 men with rifle or pistol.
   2 or 3 buildings
   Plenty of scrub, trees etc.

Support material: 'The Mimi & Tautau Go Forth' and various printouts.
Staff Needed: 3 (1 per game).
   Mimi & Toutau V the Kingani - Homegrown, written by Daniel (with much credit going to the play testers who suffered through my first draft!).
   The African Queen - Homegrown, written by Mike.
   Lake Tanganyika Telephone Raid - Homegrown, based on Deads Army written by Rob with scenario specific modifications by Daniel.
Pull-up Banner: Yes.
Designer: Daniel (Mimi & Toutau V the Kingani and Lake Tanganyika Telephone Raid) and Mike (The African Queen).
Ship building: Mike.
Scenery Build: ?
Stored: Mike's, natives and tiles for African Queen with Grahame. Buildings were Andy Hawes'. Not sure who has the figures for the Telephone Raid.


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Mike Whitaker

April 16, 2019, 08:37:38 pm #1 Last Edit: April 16, 2019, 09:01:38 pm by Mike Whitaker
Rules and handouts etc...

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