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"The Battle of Eakring"

Started by Daniel Phillips, March 07, 2019, 12:15:11 pm

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Daniel Phillips

Something I've been thinking about for a show game-

"The Battle of Eakring"

In WWII there were deposits of high quality oil under Eakring, Caunton and Kelham Hills. In 1943 there was an oil field of around 100 wells that produced around 3.5 million barrels of oil throughout the war. Most were crewed by Americans brought in from the Oklahoma oil fields. This was all kept secret from the Germans.

But what if the secret had been leaked?

Something like the Eakring home guard and armed American oil drillers trying to hold off a Fallschirmjäger raiding force until a local armoured unit arrives?

We could use the Dead's Army buildings for Eakring, we have home guard figures already and I'm sure a few people have Fallschirmjäger. Just need to build an oil derrick or 2.

It would be ideal to do at one of the Newark shows as Eakring is very close to Newark and the American drilling crews were housed at Kelham Hall (where Hammerhead used to be).
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Mike Whitaker

This was written up as a scenario in one of the TFL summer specials, which I have a copy of if you want to nick some ideas :D
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