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July 12, 2020, 03:40:14 am


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Pikeman's Lament ECW campaign

Started by tony, January 12, 2019, 03:18:21 pm

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We will be starting the 3rd Monday in May - May 20th. I will be posting full campaign details at the start of April.

Gary Martin

Gary Martin
'I do not fear an army of lions led by sheep, I fear an army of sheep led by a lion'. Alexander the Great

Figures: 28mm Imperial Roman and Ancient Britons 700 figures ish, 28mm Napoleonic French, Brits, Portugese and Dutch-Belgian, several thousand based for General de Brigade but work for most rules, 28mm WW2 German, Russian, British and US about company of each with vehicles 1 to 1. Large army's of 15mm Napoleonic most nations based to Napoleons Battles but fairly flexible.


At the moment we have 13 players with 7 for Parliament and 6 for the King. I will be publishing the army types/points values allowed etc in the next week or so. Players are free to field a different type of army in 1644. If you know anyone  who would like to join in this time who missed out last time please encourage them to sign up. I can lend figures if necessary. So far we have:

For the King    : Mike, Ash, Pippa, Carl, Shawn, Tom

For Parliament : Grahame, Tony, Kevin, Colin, Andy Mellor, Andy Miller, Gary


Alan P

Happy to be for the King - but either way - my loyalties arent that strong! Thanks Alan


To all supporters of King or Parliament - rules for army lists etc are now attached. They are mostly the same as 1643 BUT there are some changes so read carefully. I shall want a hard copy of your list  by middle of May please. I will let you know the first scenario AFTER I have your lists in.


OOPS - didn't make it clear that the Reserve is in addition to your 36 points for the campaign - effectively a single  free 4 pt unit. If by some chance you are brave enough to pick an Angry Locals army please see me to discuss your reserve!

Andy Mellor

Aggressive forlorn hope in Garrison army only? But they don't need to assault fortication, or have the cavalry to dismount?
Wouldn't they be used by field armies to capture strong points?
or all forlorn hope could just be limit for certain scenarios?

Carl Fisher

As I said previously can you make all core Royalist cavalry Aggressive? Seems to fit the period better.

Perhaps with the option of not being Aggressive which is lost if the unit gets destroyed and reverts to basic stats?

Also can Forlorn Hope be the choice where Cavalry are forced to fight on foot?
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Garrison troops listed as agg. forlorn hope represent  cavalry who have had their horses eaten during a siege, bands of officers without any troops left or those brave enough to attempt to spike the enemy guns in a raid on the siege lines etc. There will be scenarios where cavalry in other army types will be allowed to dismount and be fielded as such eg to storm a building. This will be specified for the particular game.

I don't want to impose aggressive on all Royalist cavalry as by 1644 they had been beaten in open combat eg Winceby. It is certainly true that Rupert's Oxford horse could still sweep all before them but the quality of horse flesh and the quality of recruits wasn't what it was at the start of the war. I feel it best to allow the Royalist commanders the option of having some cavalry that isn't going to go tally-ho at the first opportunity.


As I will be seeing all your army lists, here is mine. Apart from myself, please do not post your army list on this forum but let me have a copy that the enemy does not see!

Scots Field Army

Must Have    - Elite trotters [6] Vet Shot [6] Vet Shot[6]  Pike [4]
Could Have   - Commd Shot [2] Cmmd Shot [2] Vet Drgns [6]  Clansmen + Hero [4]
Reserve        - Scots lancers [4]


Andy Mellor

Does the hero need to be placed in a unit at army selection, as in your list it looks like he can only be fielded with the clansmen? Or can you decide at deployment which unit he joins? (Clansmen a bit smelly so moves to a pike unit up wind)


Andy - Clarification on Heroes     - 0-2 Heroes allowed per army. Heroes are allocated to a particular unit and this is indicated in your army list. There are no restrictions on which unit they can be attached to. The hero stays with that unit until they are killed or their unit is destroyed on table and they are destroyed with it. Units that rout off and come back return with the hero still attached - the hero is unaffected by any downgrading of the unit. Remember - a hero only affects morale and gives no other benefit but is cumulative with that of the officer.


I will need your 36 pt list + reserve  on or before 13th May. I do not want or need to see your list for each individual mission. The first game will be on May 20th.
If you wish to use the roster sheets from the rule book you can find them as follows:
www.ospreypublishing.com > osprey games > gaming resources > osprey wargame series >OWG 19 ...as well as the company & officer rosters you can find a very useful Quick Reference Sheet.

Andy Miller

I'm working 20/05/2019. Is there a royalist who can't make this date and we can plan either side?
Judge Dredd (Judges/Cal 2k+pts, Ape gang), FoW (MidWar German armour 2k pts, MidWar Afrika Corps 2k pts, LateWar German 4k+pts), Bolt Action (German, US Infantry), OpSquad (Panzer Grenadiers, Falschirmjaeger, Brit Inf), Dux Brit (Saxons), WoW (a small airforce), Fantasy (High Elves, Brets), Dystopian (FSA), Uncharted seas (Iron Dwarves), Sails of glory, X-wing, Dreadball (Humans and Dwarves), Check your six. Star Wars Armada. ECW Parliamentarian army.

Tom G

Request for house rule:

Could we please have house rule on commanded shot blocking line of sight for cannons.

Last campaign entire armies were moved up behind screens of commanded shot which cannot be targeted outside of 12".

This meant cannon was totally useless against an entire army moving up. If commanded shot are supposed to be difficult to target because they are few in number, make use of cover and duck and dive how are they blocking line of sight to a large body of men behind them?

Could we have a house ruling to make this more flavourful please?