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X-Wing Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Started by Adrian_Barnes, January 09, 2018, 09:12:48 pm

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Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Mission 9 - Cloak and Dagger

The mission entails going back into the nebula that the Tie Phantoms were calling home and destroying both them and any facilities related to them. Reports suggested that there was a large research base as well as two docks somewhere in the nebula along with the squadron.

Initial deployment for this mission meant that there were five of us flying tonight (Me, Rob, Andy, Ash and Pippa). Our initial deployment had us splitting into two groups, Rob and Pippa taking one side and Me, Ash and Andy taking the other.

The initial turns had us scanning the nebulas to locate the base while also trying to deal with the initial pair of Tie Phantoms that were patrolling. Andy located one of the docks in the initial turn with a docked Tie Phantom that was immediately destroyed. The only other event in the first three turns was the destruction of one of the initial pair of phantoms.

Turn four saw a small squadron of ties arrive to help defend at the same time as we located the base. Our next objective was to inflict lasting damage on it to stop it providing assistance to the ships which was getting annoying. Killing the emplacements ended up taking another three turns in which time we managed to also destroy the attacking Tie Fighters.

In the remaining six turns we had to locate the remaining base and destroy anything else remaining. On the other hand the majority of the work was achieved so this did not take as long.

The amount of damage that we had dealt to enemy's meant that we all came from this game with 14 exp each and a second victory point for our side.

Next month the imperials are aiming to strike back at us in the mission Revenge.


Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Mission 10 - Revenge

The final nebula based mission had us being ambushed by a squad of elite Tie Interceptors while on patrol in retribution for taking out the Tie Phantoms base.

Initial deployment for this mission meant that there were five of us flying tonight (Me, Rob, Andy, Ash and Pippa). Our initial deployment had us stuck in the centre of the board with an equivalent number of Elite Tie Interceptors around the board edge each targeting a specific player.

The first turn saw both sides coming off with minor damage as my ship lost some of its shields and Andy got a good hit on one of the Ties. That said a lot of our shots were dodged by the Ties which looked like it would prove to be annoying.

Turn Two started with two Ties being ioned by the nebulas along with Andy on the other hand the shooting was a lot more in our favour as I destroyed one of the Ties and Ash killed another. This would make manoeuvring easier for some of us.

Turn three had Pippa getting a kill on one of the Interceptors while Ash ioned one. On the negative side for us Ash was targeted and damaged quite heavily and Rob was having trouble locking onto the correct target due to abilities.

Ash's Scurrg was destroyed on the fourth turn along with Rob and Pippa killing two more interceptors. Things were getting a bit dicey for most of us at this point though as only me and Andy had shields remaining currently.

The fifth turn was spent repositioning by everyone as rob and Pippa tried to keep their ships alive and the three remaining interceptors also tried to get shots on their targets. One of these ties was killed by the ion cloud straight after and the two remaining ships were damaged. Turn seven saw the remaining ships finished off by Rob and Pippa which meant an early end for the game with three turns remaining on the clock.

Our experience earnings for the mission was 14 experience and the final mission next month is Capture Refueling Station.

Rob Farley

FAO: Paymaster General, Alliance Command, Aturi Cluster

Final Invoice

Please find below a final tally of all Imperial assets terminated by this unit over the course of the recent campaign. All remuneration is to be transmitted in Imperial credits to the account details you already have on file, payable at the previously agreed rates.

TIE Fighters:15
TIE Interceptors:9
TIE Bombers:2
TIE Phantoms:2
Lambda-Class Shuttles:2
Fixed Emplacements:9

Should you have additional need of our services, we would be pleased to review these arrangements.

In anticipation of our future business,
Current games (and armies) played: Gaslands, Direwolf Rampant, Frostgrave, Bolt Action & Operation Squad (Desert Rats, Communist Chinese, Russians, partisans, Americans, Finns, Italian Paras), In Her Majesty's Name, Judge Dredd Miniatures, Dreadball, Deadzone, Mobile Frame Zero, Uncharted Seas (Orcs), Necromunda (Pit Slaves, Escher), Wings of War (WWI and WWII), Mordheim, Alien vs Predator, Warpath

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