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July 13, 2020, 03:48:25 pm


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Saga campaign

Started by Andy Mellor, November 13, 2018, 03:53:46 pm

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Carl Fisher

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Saga Campaign, I hope you enjoyed it.

As far as Britain at the end of 1067, it is a mess. The Normans have established themselves in Southern England and the Midlands, but with the chaos of war, the North has been overrun by the Lowlands Scots (Welsh!), and as a result is falling into instability. The irish have suffered at the hand of the Vikings who have established a kingdom there, but have had a successful expedition to mainland to take of slaves and look. Wales has stayed safely isolated, ignoring the strife around.

Northern Scotland is still a wasteland, of unruly tribes, and the Vikings have some outposts in the offshore islands.

So more raiding is to be expected.

Summary of final results -

1st     Andy Mellor - Strathclyde Welsh
2nd    Rob Farley  - Normans
3rd     Shawn Corner - Vikings
4th     Andy Miller - Anglo Danes
5th     Grahame Middleton - Normans
6th     Carl Fisher - Jomsvikings
7th     Tom G - Irish
8th     Collin Brett - Anglo Saxon  

Lowest points difference - Grahame - 115 vs 115 - dishing out a lot of damage, but taking as much!

A special mention to Andy Beer - who played the first game, we all wish him well with his recovery.

Finally some notes, as discussed in various games, the book of battles does need some work to make a successful campaign, I think Saga is still best suited to one-off games or perhaps a league.

Again thanks to all.
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Andy Mellor

Thanks Carl, really enjoyed Saga 2


Thanks Carl for the campaign- I agree about the book of battles - useful as a source of scenarios but the campaign system needs  looking at. Perhaps a more simplified round robin style league is more adaptable and would cope more easily with player availability.

Rob Farley

I don't know how many changes Carl made to the campaign system as it's printed in BoB but I've thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it worked pretty well for the most part. So a big thank you for running it.

On the other hand, none of the new scenarios have worked as written. Some have only needed minor clarifications or errata but others have had serious problems. The multi-player scenario from a few weeks ago isn't fit for purpose in my opinion. It all smacks of a distinct lack of playtesting, and overall I'm glad I haven't splashed out on the book.
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