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Star Wars: Armada - The Corellian Conflict

Started by Dave Brown, January 07, 2019, 11:30:03 pm

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Dave Brown

January 07, 2019, 11:30:03 pm Last Edit: January 12, 2019, 01:22:23 pm by Dave Brown
To run the official Corellian Conflict campaign from FFG.

The Corellian Conflict is a narrative, map based, team oriented, tactical campaign with resource management and a Fog of War (of sorts) between Imperial and Rebels forces in the Corellian Sector.

Officially either 4 or 6 players.

We have 4 interested:

Dave and Andy Miller: Imperials Mike and Dougie(?): Rebels

I am more than happy to welcome 2 more players (one Imperial, one Rebel) (more possibly, but it might throw off some numbers that I might need to adjust).
However, any additional players will need to: Provide their own ships (as my Rebels are being used by Mike)

All players really need to be present on the nights the games are played. Because I am providing ships for Mike, splitting games could become an issue.

I can (and will) provide a PDF of the rule book, but the super basics: There is a map, on which is tracked Imperial and Rebel bases.
Rebels will know where the Imperial Bases are.
Imperials will only know where Rebels have a 'presence' but not if it is a base until they attack that planet.

Each planet provides resources to the team that controls it, that are used to repair/reinforce the fleets.

Resources points are calculated PER TEAM and then divided equally among players of that team to add ships/upgrades to their fleet.

Each player starts with a 400 point fleet. After the first game, that limit increase to 500 points.

This does mean fleets may not be of equal size - large mismatches are possible.

Each win earns that team 1 Campaign Point. With 4 players, a total of 9 Campaign Points wins the campaign.

When one team gets within 4 points (so 5) of the total needed, they can (at start of any campaign turn) declare an All Out Assault which brings ALL PLAYERS together for one final game, on one table, all at once, for a final showdown. (This might need to be part of an all day game, as it might take longer than a regular Monday night)

(Alternatively, games can continue until one team has 9 points - but seriously, how much fun would a HUGE battle be? Huh? Huh?)

Ships can be lost from fleets. If they are 'destroyed' (per usual rules, including leaving the board), they become 'Scarred' if a scarred ship is destroyed, it (and any upgrades) are LOST - Removed from your fleet. (Resource points are used to remove Scarred status, and replace lost ships).

You CAN retire an entire fleet, and replace it with a brand new 400 point fleet between games, but any unique cards in the retired fleet are lost (for all players on a team) - EG: If Vader is retired or 'killed' while in My fleet.... Andy cannot take him as an upgrade subsequently.

There are some other additional rules, including an extra set of Objective cards, but I will go over that when we get a bit closer to this actually happening - if it happens at all.

LIMITATIONS There are some limits on what you can take.
Technically, you must own the cards and ships you take - I may well drop the card limitation, because all card details are available online anyway. But you will obviously need to own the ship to field it.

UNIQUE named cards can only be taken ONCE PER TEAM - EG: If Vader (in any form) is in Andys fleet.. I CANNOT take him in mine, even if he is in a different form (Commander, Tactical Upgrade, Fighter Squadron, etc)

WHICH MONDAYS Unlike most campaigns, given the very small number of people this campaign supports (technically a max of six), it doesn't HAVE to be run on a set Monday. Indeed, given Andys schedule for hunting down miscreants and beating confessions out of them, if I needs to be run on mondays when all players are free, that works fine... but as mentioned earlier, ALL players really need to be there on the night a game takes place.
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