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Author Topic: Campaign ideas  (Read 158 times)
Daniel Phillips
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Divide by cucumber error. Reinstall world & reboot

« on: April 28, 2017, 10:34:10 am »


Already thinking about the next Full Thrust campaign.

FTL communications-
Not having them increases the Fog of war effect and means commanders have to make decisions without instantly updated orders.
Having them means players can talk to each other and discuss strategy.
What is everyone’s preference?

Narrative movement-
Do people enjoy the way I'm doing this or would you prefer hex map based movement? Or something else?

Ground Combat-
How would people feel about a campaign that includes both space and ground combat?

Size of commands in the multi-player games-
I'm aware that in the first game there wasn't really enough ships to go around so some players were knocked out early. The fleet packs I picked up at Salute should rectify this.

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