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Title: Border Reivers
Post by: Mike Whitaker on April 17, 2019, 12:14:17 pm
Table requirements (6' x 2'5'):

Boards, hills

Support material: assorted books, 'does your surname make you a reiver' handout
Staff Needed: 2 ideally
Rules: Open Combat
Pull-up Banner: No
Designer: Colin
Scenery Build: Mike, AndyM
Stored: buildings etc @ Club, terrain @ Mike's, figures Colin


<Colin? Help? :D>


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Title: Re: Border Reivers
Post by: colinabrett on April 18, 2019, 10:29:23 pm
Promo Material.

I gave this as a sort of introduction whenever show attendees wandered too close to the table  :D

Are you a Border Reiver?

From the 13th to the 16th Century, the borders between England and Scotland were constantly at war. This was not, necessarily, between the countries but between the families who made a hard living from a hard land.

Elliot, Armstrong, Dixon, Nixon, Charlton, Milburn, Rutherford, Collingwood and Hume were among the 70+ families who struck fear into the innocent residents of the borderlands. Do you have, or have you traced your family line back in time to have discovered, any of these names on your family tree? You do not have to have been born in the Borders. No. After the death of Elizabeth I and ascension of James I of England/James VI of Scotland, the reiver families were scattered to the winds and settled across England and Scotland, and further afield, taking their surnames with them. Indeed, one descendent of the Armstrong family forayed as far as the Moon!

I would then hand out the list of Reiver Surnames and a brief description of the society and the scenario. I really enjoyed running this game and would love to do so again. Researching the history was fascinating.

What would I do differently? In no particular order:

* Perhaps use a 3x3 table, instead of 4x4, to get into the action more quickly.
* Revise and retest the firearms rules.
* Prettier treasure tokens.
* I'd like to see female reivers, which might attract female players. Some of the gutsiest fighters would surely be the women-folk called upon to defend their homes and families. Did such women exist and are they documented anywhere? I think more research would be needed, which I'm happy to look into.

Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Border Reivers
Post by: Mike Whitaker on April 18, 2019, 10:41:00 pm
Annie from Bad Squiddo  just released ome very nice looking treasure castings . When we do the game again, we should pick some up.

Maybe I should also try and persuade her to get some female figures sculpted for the period.