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Obituary: Steve Frisby

Steve Frisby was a founding member of our club back in the the late eighties. He was a stalwart of our early attempts at running participation games at shows and frequently represented the club in BHGS competitions, where he won many trophies at DBR and Warhammer, including umpiring Warhammer events at Britcon. He won several […]

AGM notes

Please congratulate DaleR, who joins Mike, Carl and Reuben on the club committee. Our thanks to AndyH, who has stood down due to Real Life after a year of sterling service. The club is planning to organise several tournaments this year – SAGA, War and Conquest, Dreadball, WAB and Bolt Action. Watch this space for […]

Top 20 games of 2014

This is taken from the list of scheduled games posted to our forum before each Monday for the past year – obviously it doesn’t include games arranged on the day… and it is skewed by the club campaigns… but here we go…. 20th=: Wings Of War, Bushido, Flames Of War ‘Nam, Future War Commander, Kings […]

Hereward Wargames Show – 1 Nov 2015

The first Hereward Wargames Show will be held on Sunday November 1st 2015 at the Cresset centre in Bretton, Peterborough, under the auspices of the club. It is our intention that the show will feature a considerable number of participation games, as well as the usual demonstration games, traders, and a Table Top Sale, with stalls available […]

Salute 2014

We took a game to Salute this year – specifically we took the “Dead’s Army” game Rob came up with for Halloween last year, featuring hordes of the Nazi undead against the loyal Home Guard of Walmington on Sea. Many thanks to Rob, AndyM, Carl, Chris and Grahame for helping out, both with the scenery […]

Hammerhead 2014

We’ll be at Hammerhead again this year, with another of our cheerfully insane participation games: this year? It’s “A Very Tiny Civil War – the Battle of the Patio”. Watch this space for more details.

The Return Of The Dark Judges

A collection of images from Sunday 8th September’s Judge Dredd Tournament.

PWC at Metagames Con

We have a local War/Roleplaying/Board/Card game con happening this weekend! Admission’s only £3, and there’s on-site parking (or it’s only a short bus ride from the station). The club should be there with what promises to be a very interesting WW2 game – can’t say more than that for now, but if you can find the time to pop along […]

PWC at Campaign, Milton Keynes

We’ll be at both days of the Campaign show, run by MKWS on the 11th and 12th of May, taking our award-winningly insane “Napoleonic Invasion of Britain by Balloon” participation game (face it, any game whose instructions start “First, assemble the gazebo…” has to be at least a little mental. Look forward to seeing folks […]

Best Participation Game – Hammerhead 2013

We’re just back from Hammerhead at Kelham hall, where our Tunnels of Terror game won Best Participation Game. Congratulations to the team, especially to Grahame, Chris and AndyM for game design and engineering, for producing a great game that everyone appeared to really enjoy!